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iPicture is a jQuery Plugin to create interactive pictures with extra descriptions.

Easy to customize

Easy to configure

The first plugin with configuration wizard.
Drag'n'Drop the tooltips for placing and setting up the plugin! Move the points around and get the code to initialize iPicture Plugin.

Your corporate site

Easy to customize

It's simple to add extra icon. Choose to animate the tooltip or customize the css.
iPicture works with every image size. The images can be defined in a list or in divs.

Portfolio features

Easy to integrate

Compatible with slideshows or sliders.
iPicture needs few configuration to run everywhere!

Furniture shop iPicture demo

Furniture shop demo

An example of how iPicture highlights prices and particular aspects of the shop's item. In furniture shop iPicture can explain the details.


Car showroom demo

See iPicture in action in a cars showroom. It enhances every optional e new technological innovations.

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Clothing shop demo

iPicture gives interactive descriptions to photos, useful to explain every creative details in the clothes.